Séminaire GIGS 6: Translation of high throughput genetics in the clinical setting

Le mardi 1er mars prochain aura lieu une discussion d’un papier de Chris Goldsworthy, PhD à la Cardiff University (School of Social Sciences). C’est une discussion vraiment ancrée dans les sciences sociales, mais qui concerne des objets et enjeux très en prise sur les pratiques clinique et génomique.

Voici l’abstract.

This paper will discuss the clinical application of high throughput genetic technologies in the health service in the UK focusing on the field of inherited cardiac conditions. The paper will be split into 3 sections; the first part will discuss the political environment in which high throughput genetic testing came into practice in the UK, looking at the impact this had on practice, specifically focussing on one laboratory. The second section will discuss the impact that the resulting big data from the uptake of high throughput genetic technologies had on clinical and diagnostic lab practices in this field. The final section will argue that laboratory and clinical professionals are not ‘data-dopes’ they are actively engaged in the construction and re-construction of genomic data and genetic technologies in local practice.

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